Grom is a team of blockchain professionals engaged in distributed ledger systems and decentralised applications.

Our mission is to enhance the mass adoption of these nascent breakthrough technologies by designing supportive, applicable and user-centric tools.

The team started blockchain research and development in 2017, and since then has gathered 30 professionals who’d been working together on other projects for the last 5–10 years before the company was founded.

Our projects

Minter is a decentralised solution which lets any brand, blogger or community create their own coin and implement it in reward and loyalty systems. Coins can be transferred between users, exchanged for one another or spent on goods and services.

Add a comprehensive set of tools like multi-platform wallets, Console, SDK and API, blazingly fast transactions and a trustworthy consensus algorithm — and you got a perfect platform for launching any sort of loyalty system in no time.

BIP Wallet

BIP Wallet is an application for interacting with BIP — Minter blockchain network’s native digital coin.

Users can add several wallets to control all their coins and transactions, save frequently used addresses and contacts and keep track of delegated stakes from within the app.

BIP Wallet is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. There’s also a simplified web version that supports any browser.


Fanks empowers brands and people with a disruptive tool to donate to charities and social initiatives. The decision on who will receive the funds lies with the consumers.

It is based on a unique blockchain technology that is underpinned by a combination of high-level transparency, security and efficiency.

A web browser you can find on any device these days is everything you need to vote — no special app or sign-up required.


Pinpon is a rewards platform helping brands grow by improving loyalty and amplifying virality.

Customers take part in promo campaigns without leaving their favorite social media and get rewards that can be exchanged for exclusive prizes, perks, and gifts. It’s as easy as doing a poll in an Instagram story.

Like a table tennis. You serve – you receive.